Secure doxxing
for your BSC

With the upcoming $BEANS platform.

Our Beanomics ensure an organic
and healthy grow.

Total Supply

1,000,000,000,000,000 $BEANS. There's some for everyone.

8% fee per transaction

Added to liquidity to build ourselves a strong beanstalk to the moon!

2% fee per transaction

Redistributed to diamond handed $BEANS holders

Dev Roadmap

Base of web application

Q2: Weeks 24-26

We're starting off by developing the fundamental parts of our web application. Account, Projects and Teams creation and management are implemented.

Our stack is includes a Laravel and Livewire app to ensure scalability and security. We're also implementing different protection solutions in our product.

Q2: Weeks 26-27

Private testing by BNBeanstalk team

Web3 integration

Q3: Weeks 27-28

We're integrating the system allowing developers to link their wallet to their profile. We're also tracking transaction from linked wallets.

Q3: Weeks 29-31

Alpha tests will be open to our community

$BEANS integration

Q3: Weeks 30-31

We're developing the system to connect your wallet to our platorm to check if devs and users are holding $BEANS.

Q3: Weeks 32-34

Beta tests will be open to our community

KYC integration

Q3: Weeks 32-33

We're integrating our partner's KYC system to verify legal documents of developers.

Q3: Weeks 33-34

Private testing by BNBeanstalk team

NFT integration

Q3: Weeks 34-35

An NFT contract will be developed and integrated into our platform for retaining doxxing information.

Q3: Weeks 35-36

Final tests


Q3: Week 37

If all our tests are passed, we're launching our platform. We'll also be doxxing our team on the platform to celebrate it.